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Road Transport

We transport your export, import and transit commodities by road on the Middle East line, which we are experts in, both as full load and partial, by combining the most appropriate freight at the right time.

Karayolu Taşımacılığı

Road Transport Services

Full truck load, It is one of the most known and widely used transportation methods. It is often preferred because it is an easy option. As Caslog Logistics, we offer you this service with honesty, fair pricing and maximum quality.

Less than truckload, it is partial load transportation. It is one of the main transportation methods. It is the most economical transportation model after full truck load method. We carry your partials with care. Contact us.

We meet the needs of our customers with our strong infrastructure in transportation processes that require temperature control from -25 degrees to +18 degrees.

Our company, which has all the documents on dangerous goods transportation (ADR), offers you the safest service with its expert drivers.

We provide services in the Middle East in these transports that do not have country restrictions. We produce special solutions for different types of load, routes and countries with our wide network and operations we can perform. Our teams ensure smooth management of your transactions.

Multimodal transportation is a transportation service that offers more than one type of transportation with different vehicles or units. Cas Logistics offers easy tracking service as well as regular loading, transportation and unloading.

We created this option to carry the heavy loads of our customers and we successfully carry out heavy load transportation.

With our express minivan transportation service, we deliver your movables to their destinations in the fastest way. We provide this service with modern vehicles, professional staff and maximum speed.